U1 - The French (really) decide to fight

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U1 - The French (really) decide to fight

Message  aslopensource le Lun 25 Juin - 10:54

You'll find here a modified version of the scenario U1 "The French decide to fight" (from A Gi's Dozen).
Only gaming datas are written here, you'll need the original scenario card to know everything about the history, units designation etc..

We've played it and it worked fine, the game ended in the CCPh of the last turn, which means to us that the scenario is balanced. We had a lot of fun, too, which is the most important thing.

Morocco, November 1942
Victory Conditions
US win at game end if there are no armed Good Order non-crew French MMC on board.

Board North up
<-4 R-GG
38 -> AP
<-6 R-GG

Game Turn : 6.5
French setup first - US moves first

French OB
Setup on/inside 6R5-6CC5-4CC5-4P5 area
ELR 2 - SAN 3

458x2, 457x14, 228Crewx3, 9-1x2, 8-0x3, HMG, MMG, LMGx4, Mtr60, Radio, ?x6, Trenchx4, Foxholes x4, AA20L, AA75L, AT47L

Enter on turn 1 on west edge


Group 1 - Enter along the South Edge
667x5, 666, 8-1, 7-0, dmMMGx2, dmMtr60, Baz 43, T30HMC, M3A1(LT) x2

Group 2 - Enter along the North Edge
667x2, 666x9, 9-1, 8-1, 8-0, dm50Cal, dmMMG, Radio

Group 3 - Enter along the East Edge
558x7, 9-1, 8-0

1. EC are moist no wind at start. Kindling NA. No Quarter in NA.
2. Grain is in season. Orchards are Olives Groves. - Overlay X8 on 38J5.
3. French have one module OBA 70+mm (HE/Smoke)
4. US secretly record, prior French setup, the entry order of reinforcement group on Turn 1,2 and 3 (one per turn)
5. US have one module OBA 80+ Batallion Mortar (HE/WP) (with radio) and one module OBA of 100+mm (HE/Smoke) directed by an Observation Plane (E7.6) available on Game Turn 1.
6. US have random air suport of 1 FB42 (without Bombs)
7. 558 are USMC Raider squads (G17.111) with Assault Fire, Spraying Fire, Underlined Morale, and Stealthy capabilities.

Michel Bongiovanni.

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