AP67 Cherry Ripe

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AP67 Cherry Ripe

Message  Eric B. le Sam 23 Juin - 11:21

Sicily, August 1943

Board : North up
<= 60

Victory Conditions : The British win at game end if they control 10 Building on a level 2 hill.

Game Turn : 6.5
German setup first - British moves first.

German OB
Setup on any hill hex.

548x9, 238, 228Crewx2, 9-2,9-1,8-1,8-0, MMGx2, LMGx3, DC, ?x12, AT50L (Pak38), AA20L(6) (Flak 38), PzIIIL, 36AP Factor, Wirex3

British OB
Enter on turn 1 along the west/south/east edge.

648, 458x11, 457x9, 248, 9-2, 9-1x2, 8-1x2, 8-0, MMGx2, LMGx5, Piatx2, DCx3, FT, Sherman IIIa

1 - EC are Dry. No wind at start. Orchards are Olives Froves (B14.8)
2- Germans may fortified 2 building locations. Tunnels NA.
3 - Prior to setup, British may place 3 Rubble in a building location. Falling Rubble is NA.
4- British have an OBA of 70+ Mortar Bat. (HE/SMOKE) wih an observer level 5 on the south edge, recorded prior to setup.
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